Eco Floor

Can you fix to the Eco Floor?

Yes, as with our Eco Elevate and Expo platforms, you can screw into the Eco Floor with astandard woodscrew. We do not however recommend you rely on the Eco Floor to provide any form of anchoring for walls or uprights (as per CDM guidelines you should contact a CDM designer for advice on this).

What clearance is there under the Eco Floor?

There is a 25mm clearance in the cable channels under the 40mm Eco Floor.

How much does the Eco Floor weigh?

For transportation purposes we allow 11.5kg/m2 (including pallets and connectors).

What about steelwork?

The Eco floor can accommodate steel uprights with plates under the floor, using CNCd MDF tiles (see DEMO ZONE).

Can the Eco Floor cater for ramps, radius corners, hall columns, irregular shaped platforms and fit within shell scheme?

Yes, we regularly install our Eco Floor with these factors. We have yellow tiles to allow the incorporation of ramps, make ups, as well as the MDF tiles which blend in with the standard Eco tiles. We also have a stock of 45degree and radius tiles, along with radius Ali corners.

Eco Elevate

What height is the Eco Elevate?

The standard height of the Eco Elevate is 100mm, although the feet can be stacked to increase this height in 50mm increments.

What is the clearance under the Eco Elevate Platform?

The feet are 50mm and so is the panel so clearance is 50mm under the standard 100mm Eco Elevate platform (150mm platform will give 100mm clearance etc. etc.)

What about Steel Work & Double Decker’s?

The Eco Elevate platform system is designed to cater for this. We have timber inserts to replace standard panels, so we can cut around uprights, box sections, hand rails and steps.


What tape do we use on your platforms?

Standard NEC approved is recommended as this will peel off the Eco Floor without leaving a residue. If you are fitting your own covering it is you responsibility to remove the covering and all platform tape and we reserve the right to make an additional charge for platform we receive back, where we have to remove tape.

Can you fit vinyl and cords direct to our platforms?

Yes, we regularly fit quality vinyl coverings and cord carpets to both our Eco Floor and Eco Elevate platforms due to the quality of the finished floor. However, the longer the show and heavier the foot traffic construction lines will eventually show through regardless of the platform construction.

Can you put a car/other vehicles on the platforms?

Yes, depending on the vehicle weights, all of our platforms can take vehicles on them. It may be necessary for us to provide additional strength to areas of the platform, but so long as we have the correct information we can cater for vehicles up to 20T.

Can we install the platforms ourselves?

Yes, absolutely! All of our platforms are designed for ease of installation and we have many clients who take our platforms all around the world. We will happily provide training FOC on how to install our system platforms. We also have installation videos in our DEMO ZONE.

Can you install platforms outdoors?

Yes, our Expo and Eco Elevate platform systems can be adapted for external installations, whether in marquees or open ground. We regularly install platforms for outdoor exhibitions and events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed and Chelsea Flower Show to name but a few.

Can you fit level platforms?

Yes! We can install either flat platforms to follow the slope of the ground or level platforms both inside and outside. Our Eco Elevate system is also designed to be a fully adjustable platform and can be laser levelled after the platform has been laid using our fully adjustable feet.

What Coverings do you supply/fit?

We install all manner of coverings from basic cords to luxury shag piles, vinyls, laminates, MFC sheets, Bergo floor tiles, carpet tiles and Astroturf! We can also fit more complex jobs requiring cut ins, locklift, glued laminates and coverings to venue floors.